Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Why Are Government Employees More Equal Than You?

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This morning I received my email update from the Center for Small Government. School employees are government employees and the pensions are much higher in many cases than those stated below. For information on the retirement system here in New Hampshire click here. If for some reason this is removed from their site we can email you a copy of this pdf.

Here is an example of what a persons retirement would be if they retired at 60. Superintendent Y retires at 60. His average compensation at 60 is $110,000. You divide 110,000 by 60 and multiple that by 30 years of service. Superintendent Y would get $54,999.00 annual pension. This does not include the medical benefits and the annual cost of living increases he would also receive.

By Kamal Jain

Do you remember the novel "Animal Farm" by George Orwell?

In the story, animals on a farm joined together, overthrew their human
owners, and "liberated" all the animals.

The first thing the animals do was proclaim that "all animals are
equal." They painted this credo on the barn in big letters for all to

Over time, some animals started taking charge -- overseeing things at
the farm, devising the rules and enforcing them. Order was necessary
after all! All this seemed innocent and harmless enough until the
animals in charge got comfortable with their power. They had cushy
jobs on the farm, as did their family and friends.

Other animals worked and worked, being punished if they questioned
this arrangement. The governing animals produced nothing, but took
more than an equal share of feed and water, claiming it was necessary
for maintaining order and productivity on the farm.

One night, without discussion or consent, the governing animals
changed the credo on the barn to: "All animals are equal, but some are
more equal than others."

You might say that's got nothing to do with us here in America -
"Animal Farm" was about Marxist-Socialism and Communism. And you'd be
sort of. Orwell did say that he wrote the novel as a cautionary
tale about the virulent form of Socialism brewing in the Soviet Union,
not against the Socialism he saw at home in England (a kinder, gentler

But if you look around you today, you might think the animals'
situation seems all too familiar, all too applicable to our lives
today. And you'd be right
sort of. The key difference today is that
our credo, borne out of the Declaration of Independence which states
that "
all men are created equal
" has not been updated to reflect

Modern politicians and bureaucrats have learned that it's best not to
draw any attention to the privileged lives THEY enjoy - at OUR
expense. But if you look back over the past few decades you'll notice
something interesting: Some people are more equal than others. By law.
The dividing line is the same as in Orwell's story.

Just the same as in "Animal Farm", we find today that government
sector employees get higher wages, have better benefits than workers
in the private sector.

Why are government employees more equal than you?

Why do most government employees get automatic, mandated by law Cost-
of-Living pay increases each year - while you and 99% of private
sector workers do not?

Why are government employees exempt from Social Security taxes - while
you and other private sector workers are taxed to fund Social Security
and Medicare every year you work?

Why are government employees able to retire at age 54 - while you and
other private sector workers must keep working until age 65?

Why do average 30-year government employees get retirement pension
paychecks of $25,000 to $45,000 a year*, starting at age 54 - while
you work 41 years, and are forced to squeak by on Social Security
payments of $1600 a month, starting at age 65?

Why are government employees more equal than private sector employees?

Why are government retirees more equal than private sector retirees?

Why are the tax receivers more equal than the tax payers?

Why are government employees more equal than you?


* For example:
· http://www.bostonherald.com/projects/boston_pensions/
· http://www.pensiontsunami.com/index.php
· http://www.mass.gov/treasury/retcalbene.htm

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