Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Browsing the New Hamspshire Education Statutes

On Sunday afternoon I was browsing the New Hampshire Education Statutes. Browsing around I came across Chapter 191 Teachers' Loyalty of which Section 191:1 states " Advocacy of Subversive Doctrines Prohibited. – No teacher shall advocate communism as a political doctrine or any other doctrine which includes the overthrow by force of the government of the United States or of this state in any public or state approved school or in any state institution." Source. 1949, 312:1, eff. July 28, 1949.
When I read that I was really pleased but what I found just a few minutes later I found very disturbing the law was repealed in sections 191:3 to 191:5 Repealed. – [Repealed 1993, 145:1, eff. July 16, 1993.]

While browsing today I ran across a website called Right on the Left Coast: Views From a Conservative Teacher and the following entry Commies Soon May Not Have To Hide Under The Desk. The entry reads as follows....

"Two years ago I wrote a post about the sections of California education code that refer to communists and communism. To summarize:

-You can't teach and be a member of the Communist Party.
-You cannot teach about communism with the intent to inculcate in the minds of students a preference for communism.
-You cannot let communist organizations use school property.

Are you ready for this? A state senator has introduced a bill that will reverse these laws.

And I haven't found objective evidence yet, but I'm told that the only sponsors of this bill are the state teachers unions, the CTA (NEA) and the CFT (AFL-CIO). Maybe they're trying to make up for this.

What possible good could come from this bill? Our government should not be required to lend assistance or hire people whose political philosophy is the destruction of our form of government."

Darren's website
is excellent and I recommend it to all of our readers.


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