Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Teacher Union Facts

Before voting get the facts about the New Hampshire Teacher Unions. Teachers Union Facts is a project of The Center for Union Facts.

Today I went to vote with both of my children in tow. Right off the bat I was faced with a woman pushing me to write in George Caccavaro and in the end stated George is "for the kids." I knew right than that Jim had no chance as the education machine even in the small town of Croydon and SAU 43 was hard at work. I was not at all surprised to find out she worked for the schools. Jim spoke out about fiscal responsibility the night before at a the P.T.O. meeting at Croydon School. Of course teachers and school employees do not like that so the Croydon/Newport machine started up, teachers and parents were called to write-in George Caccavaro. The usual lies were told about Jim and I. There is no doubt that Jim will lose the election and a higher number of voters will turn out to write in George Caccavaro than the number of voters that seated last year's Croydon School Board member.

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