Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jim Peschke Running for the Croydon School Board as a Write-in Candidate

Dear Croydon Residents,

My name is Jim Peschke, and I've been a resident of Croydon since November 2006. I am a parent of two small children. I would like to ask for your support as a write-in candidate for the Croydon School Board on March 11th.

Since I am new to Croydon, I'd like to explain my positions and motivation for running. The Croydon School board created a citizen's group tasked with addressing the arrangement we have with Newport. As an active member of this group, I've familiarized myself with the issues facing Croydon when this agreement expires in 2010. Any new agreement could be a boon or a bust for Croydon, and I'm determined to see things work in our favor.

My wife and I have been active in education reform since 2002. But let me be clear: Neither of us works in the education field. My sole objective as a school board member is to obtain the best possible deal for the people of Croydon and their children. I have no intention of promoting the interests of "the system", its administration, or the status quo. As board member, I will answer to the taxpayers/parents of Croydon.

Please consider writing me in for Croydon School Board on March 11th.

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