Monday, June 4, 2007

New Hampshire Advantage Coalition - CACR Announcement

Compromise Amendment Drafted to Preserve Local Control
NH Advantage reiterates argument against CACR18

June 4, 2007
For immediate release

Manchester, NH – Local control of the educational process in our schools has New Hampshire ranked third in the nation in academic achievement, though the critical issue before the NH House this week will be the matter of amending the NH Constitution to somehow improve the chaos caused by the Claremont/Londonderry decisions. All amendments currently on the table – Lynch’s, Whalley’s, Kurk’s, Smith’s – eliminate or diminish local influence over the education of our children. They hand over all control to the State...permanently and fatally.

New Hampshire Advantage Coalition announced today that the new amendment that has been drafted and that will be presented on the House floor on Wednesday by Rep. Paul Ingbretson, R-Haverhill, is not only a compromise we can live with, it is one we can support.

The amendment reads as follows: (new Article 83-a, Part II) [Local Education] The local political subdivision responsible for providing public education shall have the power to determine curriculum, to set standards and to determine the amount of funding thereof. The Legislature shall have the power to provide supplemental funding and to determine the amount and the allocation of these state funds.

“While NHAC holds the opinion that the Supreme Court has overstepped their bounds, we believe that this compromise amendment recognizes the supremacy of local control and will once and for all end the continuous lawsuits that have plagued our state,” said Mike Biundo, NHAC Chairman. “This amendment also protects the NH Advantage by avoiding the need for an income tax,” he continued.

We understand the reasoning on why many on both sides of the aisle have been of the opinion that a constitutional amendment was not needed, however, this amendment reaffirms local and legislative authority over our schools.

“If passed, this ‘big picture amendment’ would assure that New Hampshire's schools would remain for the future, under the close influence of those who entrust the care and education of their children for seven hours of each day of the work week – parents,” commented NHAC Legislative Director Paul Mirski.

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