Friday, June 8, 2007

Lynch has no intention of spending your money wisely.

The pandering to unions and spending will continue under Lynch's reign. Lynch never had any intention of controlling spending or running the New Hampshire Government in a fiscally responsible manor. Once he allowed state employees to unionize all control of efficiency and fiscal responsibility were lost. The three major things unions produce are mediocrity, bloated bureaucracy and wasteful spending. The more spending the democrats enact the more likely they will remain in office as more and more people start living off of taxpayers hard earned dollars.

Ethical and hard working individuals do not need unions only lazy unproductive individuals need unions.

The editorial below appeared in the

Lynch's party: The headless donkey

Friday, Jun. 8, 2007

GOV. JOHN LYNCH exerted considerable energy in attempting to persuade legislators to pass a constitutional amendment that would restore legislative control of education funding. He might as well have tried to move Mount Washington.

For almost eight months Lynch worked legislators, particularly his fellow Democrats, to back an amendment that would allow the state to target education aid to less affluent school districts. On Thursday the House killed an amendment personally endorsed by Lynch, and Democrats made sure it stayed dead even after Lynch asked them to revive it.

Lynch first endorsed an amendment on Oct. 11 of last year. In his inaugural address on Jan. 4 he called on legislators to come together to pass an amendment. Since then he has worked with Democrats and Republicans to find a deal both sides could support. He made clear to Democrats that he wanted an amendment, and he pushed for one both privately and publicly.

But it was all for naught. Despite his best efforts, he could not persuade even half of House Democrats to support an amendment that allowed targeted aid, wrote the central premise of the Claremont rulings into the state constitution and left the courts with oversight of the issue.

It was the most important of two critical defeats legislative Democrats gave Lynch this session. The other was on the budget. The governor introduced a large state budget, but House Democrats immediately inflated it, ignoring his entreaties to budget more responsibly. Senate Democrats trimmed the House version, but not back to the level Lynch had proposed.

On easy, popular issues, the governor has had his way. The Legislature raised the high school dropout age to 18, banned smoking in bars and restaurants, rolled back some welfare reforms passed last year, and approved a renewable energy mandate -- all items Lynch requested in his inaugural address and that had widespread backing within his party.

But when it came to controlling the Democratic Party's insatiable appetite for new spending, Lynch was powerless. He could only watch as his party loaded up the budget and killed the last chance legislators would have this session to prevent a broadbased tax to finance public schools.

Legislative Democrats showed the governor this week that he might be the head of the party, but they are the ones in charge. The donkey is running around without direction from the top, kicking over all sorts of New Hampshire values and traditions.

Lynch calmly reassured voters last year that they could elect a Democratic Legislature without worry because he would keep spending under control and prevent lawmakers from imposing a sales or income tax. He has failed to do the former and now appears in danger of failing to do the latter.

The question now is not where will Gov. Lynch lead us. It is where will the liberal majority of his party drag us, with him helplessly in tow along with the rest of the state?

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