Saturday, September 26, 2015

Croydon NH School Choice

Our family lives in the Town of Croydon, a town of about 750 people. Our town currently uses our school house built in late 1700, to educate our younger children. In the past seven years our town voted to take advantage of the school choice laws in the state of New Hampshire. School choice has been legal in our state for years. Other districts send out their children to districts that suit the children's needs. We have five children going to a Montessori school and the State of New Hampshire is going to sue our tiny town of 750 people.

Our School Board President Jody Underwood has set up a You Caring account to fight the State of New Hampshire. I am not asking for money just to share the You Caring website. If somehow 4000 people donate 5 dollars each, the School Board can get to that goal. The school board members in our town are not paid. Many of my friends are having financial problems so I am not asking for money just that you share with your numerous friends. Thank you.

Please share let us reach 4000 people who will donate 5 dollars each.

Click here to help Croydon, New Hampshire, Fight the Oppressors in Concord, New Hampshire.

Cathy Peschke

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