Friday, July 10, 2015

Former Utah teacher Brianne Altice - Sentenced to up to 30 Years

The following piece appears in full on The Salt Lake visit said page to read the full story.   Every day you can read stories of teachers sexually abusing students or harming students in other ways.  When will teachers who hold the group think mentality being a part of unions have the unions address the major issue and start to decry this problem in our public schools.  

Former Utah teacher Brianne Altice sentenced to prison for sexual contact with students

First Published Jul 09 2015 08:39AM   

Farmington • The mother of one of the three teenage boys who had sexual encounters with former Davis High School teacher Brianne Altice lamented that society often applies a double standard when a female teacher has sex with male students — and the boys are not seen as victims.

But she emphasized at Altice's sentencing hearing on Thursday that her son and the other two boys were victimized when Altice had inappropriate relationships with them. They have been damaged, she said, psychologically and emotionally.

"I can tell you, unequivocally, that these boys are victims," the tearful woman said in 2nd District Court. "They will be affected by this unlawful relationship throughout their lives."
The woman, who was not identified in court to protect her son's identity, said she wanted to tell Altice, "mother-to-mother," that the former English teacher has hurt her son and the other boys in ways that she will never know.

The woman added that she is "heartbroken" that Altice's criminal decisions will affect the defendant's own children.

"It is unfair and it is unfortunate, but we can not help wondering how much she was thinking about her children when she chose to engage sexually with ours," the woman said.
Judge Thomas Kay sentenced 36-year-old Altice to prison for up to 30 years for her crimes.

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