Friday, July 3, 2015

Across Party Lines Caring About Education.

Wow a state that cares more about the children than protecting a broken system and teacher jobs.  Excellent news!   Too bad we have a superintendent who refuses to do her job and sign checks so Croydon students can get the best possible education the students need and parents want.   You can read about standardized test results here. 

Maybe just maybe if schools and liberals stopped pushing their liberal agendas Newport would not see such a large decline in student enrollment.  When you push abortion and the destruction of the family unit, births and student population will decline.  A so called women's right to murder her baby will see a decline in student populations. 

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Nevada Will Pay Parents $5K Per Kid They Take Out of Public School

June 24, 2015—Nevada might have the worst public school system in the country, but a new policy could radically change that.

The state’s treasurer will pay parents at least $5,000 for each one of their children they move from a public school (including charters) to a private one. The program is expected to be get going in January 2016.

The program was part of a bill passed into law just last month. Parents will be able to take the educational funding that would’ve gone to their public school and spend it on private school, tutoring and homeschooling.

The bill passed on party lines and was signed by a Republican governor. Opponents cried that public education would lose funding, but in fact federal funding will remain the same, meaning more money spent per child remaining in public school.

No other state has a program quite like this one, so there is room for failure as much as there is for success. But then again, Nevada can’t get much lower in national rankings for students’ quality of education.
Should other states try this with their public school system? Comment below.

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Cathy Peschke said...

An example of schools not caring about parental rights.