Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Message from a Black Conservative Friend

Sharing with permission.

"I love it when an educated liberal challenges me to share the message of the TEA Party! Our policies are about liberty. Liberal policies are about life long dependency on Big Gov from cradle to grave for the poor. They tell black people they can't pull themselves up by their bootstraps because they don't have boots or straps. That's a lie too that many believe!
My reply: Encourage everyone to take advantage of all the USA has to offer. Don't rely on crumbs from the Democrat table of freebies. It's a trap to keep you mentally and physically on their plantation. TEA Party message is one of school choice because Democrat run schools in urban areas are not educating children. TEA Party message is your limitations are dictated by you not by racist America. Our story is one of triumph not defeat. I tell people to "Vote Your Values! Value Your Vote!". Stop voting for Dems who don't reflect your core beliefs. After 50+ years of religiously voting (D) what do we have to show for it? Three things: Shantytown conditions, failing schools and shooting gallery neighborhoods!" ~ My very politically correct, articulate sister from a different Mister and Mrs. Stephanie W. Trussell

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