Saturday, April 11, 2015

Former Teacher Becomes Homeschooler

The following appeared on Sally Borrink

I was recently involved in a discussion with educators online related to the Pearson testing spying debacle. I brought up that I thought testing had done more to accelerate the movement toward homeschooling than anything else I had witnessed in the past twenty years. Multiple teachers jumped in and said they were either already homeschooling or planned on homeschooling because there was no way they were going to subject their own children to what is currently going on in public (and, in many cases, private) schools.
One of the very experienced and savvy public school employees made this observation which I share here with her permission:
In biology, there’s a descriptor – “indicator species”.  An indicator species may be unusually sensitive to environmental changes, and biologists monitor the indicator species for signs that something is amiss in the environment.
I wonder when somebody is going to notice that teachers are an indicator species. When we leave public schools with our children, people should consider that there’s something amiss.
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"I’ve lost track of how many teachers-turned-homeschoolers I’ve met. Many."  Sally Borrink

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