Saturday, May 8, 2010

Reason Number 58 Why We Homeschool

Fashion Trends! Hopefully both or our children will not have run-ins with silly trends like this.

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Homeschoolers sigh, wonder if baggy pants fad will soon be thing of the past

May 6, 10:08 AM Jacksonville Homeschooling ExaminerMarie-Claire Moreau

A collective sigh of relief echoed across the state this morning as the Daytona Beach News-Journal announced that some public school teachers are beginning to address their concerns about the saggy pants phenomenon.

The News-Journal reported that students in at least one Daytona Beach elementary school are being taught how to dress for success. Success, the students learn, includes pulling up their pants. When a teacher starting requiring that students wear suspenders to hold up their droopy pants, the grade schoolers realized how un-cool the "fashion" trend really was.

Typically known for a style that includes a more conservative dress code, homeschoolers have for the most part been able to avoid prolonged exposure to this trend. Commonly seen at schools and colleges, homeschooled kids have watched pants drop since the early 90's but, overall, not participated at all.

Although homeschooled kids are just that, kids, they ordinarily do not feel the pressures of conforming to trends seen in popular culture. Although some homeschooling families have very rigid rules involving dress, others merely opt for the slightly more modest, less-revealing styles by searching them out in retail stores.

There are even web sites aimed at providing homeschooling families with more conservative fashions...and if you are now visualizing long skirts and head scarves, you may quickly push that image aside. On the contrary, fashion-forward styles with very contemporary flavors are widely available to on-line shoppers. Tops that cover more skin and are longer than those typically found in department stores are popular with teenage girls and their moms. T-shirts with homeschooler-approved slogans are also widely available for teens and young men. A simple Internet search using the key words "modest" and "clothing" will reveal quite a few.

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