Monday, March 8, 2010

Reasons to Support Article 5

Seven Reasons to Support Article 5 - Sent to me via Gayle

1. Croydon is one of the smallest if not the smallest school district in the state. Containing one school and two teachers.
2. In order to provide an education for our children we need to have choice in the schools we send our children to from 4-12 grades.
3. We are locked in an Area agreement with Newport and we sent our children to schools in Newport that did not meet the Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) for SIX YEARS IN A ROW
4. Voting yes to article will not end the Area Agreement; it only appoints a committee to look into the possibility. On the committee is two Croydon school board members, one Newport school board member, one Croydon town official, the Superintendent of Schools, and members of the public. After an examination into the possibility of ending the agreement or keeping it a Public vote is required.
5. Cornish did this several years ago and it has the lowest annual increase (5 percent).
6. If the Area Agreement was discontinued, you could still choose to send you children to Newport.
7. It will not raise your taxes; parents would pay any tuition above the standard tuition to send their students to a different school.

Spelling and grammar errors as well as typos are left as an exercise for my readers.

"Whenever people talk glibly of a need to achieve educational 'excellence,' I think of what an improvement it would be if our public schools could just achieve mediocrity" -- Thomas Sowell.

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