Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Seriously How Come One of the Adults did not Stop this Sooner

Seriously how come one of the adults watching did not stop this immediately? Kudos to suspending the teachers without pay. That does not happen enough in the USA because of the unions they are often just sent to "rubber rooms."

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The following article appeared on Fox News. Go to the Fox News website to see the picture and you will know why I asked why didn't someone stop this.

Teachers' Lap Dance Video Sparks Uproar at Canadian High School
Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Teachers performa a lap dance that sparked an investigation at a Winnipeg school.
Two teachers' performance of a dirty dance at a Canadian high school rally has led to their suspension without pay, The Globe and Mail reported.

After footage of the graphic lap dance was posted online, the Winnipeg School Division launched an investigation into the incident at Churchill High School.

The video, "Two Teachers, One Chair," features physical education instructor Chrystie Fitchner and an unidentified male teacher in a sexually explicit routine that had students turn from laughter to disbelief.

"At first we were laughing and then it was like, ‘Oh that's a little too far,'" The Globe and Mail quoted 14-year-old Freshman Saigha Vincent.

Winnipeg school trustee Mike Babinsky expressed his outrage at the teachers' behavior, and said he will wait for the results of the investigation before deciding whether to lobby for further disciplinary action, The Globe and Mail reported.

"He is sticking his head into her crotch, into her private area," Babinsky told The Globe and Mail on Tuesday. "I don't know if they're making contact, but it's way too close."

Thirteen-year-old student Montana Fortier said the "whole school was rattled" after the assembly.

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