Thursday, August 13, 2009

22,000 for a phone call.

You have heard it time and time again teachers are underpaid it is a myth. We are lucky here in Croydon that the school board has kept salaries in check and the teachers are not over compensated. The State of New Hampshire is not as bad as many states not so true for New Jersey. A New Jersey teacher was fined $22,000 for talking on the phone for 4 minutes in her classroom and has agreed to pay the fine. Good for her. 70,000 dollars for a 9 month job is really good considering taxpayers are footing the bill.

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NJ Teacher To Pay $22K Fine For Phone Call
Asbury Park Teacher To Pay Large Fine For 4-Minute Call Made During Class

ASBURY PARK, N.J. (CBS) ― Her lawyer says a New Jersey teacher won't appeal a $22,000 fine for making a four-minute personal call in class.

Attorney Stephen Hunter says Desley Getty acknowledges she made a mistake.

The 120-day salary forfeiture will be based on calendar days and will be deducted from a base salary of about $70,000. A previous story had estimated the penalty at as much as $50,000 based on 120 work days.

Court records show the Asbury Park High School performing arts teacher was covering for another teacher in 2008 when she called suspended superintendent Antonio Lewis.

A student recorded two students dancing while Getty was on the phone and posted it on YouTube.

Getty questioned students the next day after she had learned about the video.

The district prohibits teachers from making personal calls while performing assigned duties.

Asbury Park High School is a comprehensive, four-year community public high school headquartered in Asbury Park, New Jersey. It serves prekindergarten through twelfth grade.

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