Friday, May 1, 2009

Reason 3487 Not to Send your Children to Public Schools

I don't remember watching much news as a child but I do remember reading the Sunday paper after church as a young child. After 14 I started working and I don't remember getting into watching news and reading the papers until I entered college. When I went to high school we did not have computers in our school and no one I knew was into the news. As an adult and a capitalist/libertarian/Reagan Republican I read both right, left and neutral news sources. Most people I know who watch Fox News do the same that is not to say that the boy in the story below does not but his teacher was way out of line for scolding him for reading Fox News online. The teacher should be grateful that he was not playing online games or on a social networking site he was actually getting informed about what was going on in the world around him.

As a parent I do not want my children to be educated by people with such narrow views.

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Quote of the Day - "You can never get all the facts from just one newspaper, and unless you have all the facts, you cannot make proper judgements about what is going on."
Harry S. Truman

The below story appears at Fox

Student Says Teacher Scolded Him for Viewing
Friday, May 01, 2009

A Michigan high school is investigating allegations that one of its teachers berated and belittled a student for taking part in what the teacher considered an unacceptable activity: reading

A young man who identified himself only as Mitchell, an 18-year-old senior at Traverse City West Senior High School, called in to Rush Limbaugh's radio show Thursday and said he was yelled at in front of his classmates for reading the "wrong" news.

The teacher of his video production class saw what he was looking at and "proceeded to give me a 10-minute lecture on why I can't read FOX News ... and that I can only listen to BBC and other news venues," the student said.

James Feil, superintendent of Traverse City Area Public Schools, told that any attempts to pressure students politically would go against his schools' policies.

"It would be inappropriate. I would clearly tell you that is not something that we would do anything to indoctrinate students here," he said. "That would clearly be a violation of our policies and guidelines, written or non-written."

Traverse City West principal Joe Tibaldi declined to comment about the inquiry he was leading, but school officials said the student hadn't violated any computer-use rules in his class.

But the school has a strict policy against bullying, which it says "may in circumstances be a violation of federal or state law" and goes against its commitment to provide a safe learning environment.

"Bullying, taunting, stalking, hazing and other forms of harassment ... by any member of the staff are strictly forbidden," according to the school handbook. "Any student or staff member found to have bullied, taunted, stalked, hazed or harassed another person in any form will be subject to discipline."

Traverse City West has several art and science teachers, but it was unclear who leads the video production class. The superintendent wouldn't confirm the involvement of any specific teacher.

Feil said the student never filed a complaint to the school and Tibaldi was following up "in a very responsible and a timely manner."'s Joseph Abrams contributed to this story.

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