Monday, May 18, 2009

Newport Per Pupil Spending vs. CPI

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The above chart is cost per-pupil vs Consumer Price Index - CPI. The per-pupil costs were obtained from the New Hampshire Department of Education's website. The NH Department of Education gets their numbers from the Newport School District's Annual Financial Report. I did not break out the elementary, middle school and high school costs I used the total K-12 costs reported in said reports. The CPI information was obtained from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics Inflation Calculator.

If the Newport school district ran the school district in a fiscally responsible manor and kept spending at the rate of inflation over the last ten years Newport would be spending 4128.50 less per student. This would have been a significant cost saving in property taxes for Newport residents.

At the current rate of spending can you imagine what property taxes will be like in 10 years. It is time for fiscally responsible individuals to run for the school board in Newport.

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