Thursday, March 26, 2009

Newport Schools to Receive $390,000 from "Obama's Let's Bankrupt the US Funds"

The Valley News is reporting that Newport Schools will receive $390,000 from the "Let's put our children and grandchildren in debt for the rest of their lives fund." The story is titled "A Windfall for Twin State Schools" and appears in the March 26th addition of the Valley News.

The money comes with stipulations that could create problems for Newport taxpayers in the future. The stipulations are that the money must supplement current budgets it cannot be used within the current budget thus giving taxpayers a rebate at the end of the school year. There is also no guarantee that that this money will be available again in 2011 (which is a good thing because this is just printed money that has been added to the US debt). Once enacted these programs will either be dropped after 2011 or the Newport Taxpayers will be asked to increase their property taxes yet again in 2011.

I believe that Newport schools and all schools should just reject this money as that it is just funds that are bankrupting our Country. Rejection of the funds would set a good example for the students of Newport about fiscal responsibility and living within your means. But, Newport schools rejecting these funds is about as likely as a crack addict giving up crack.

Since Newport and Croydon are part of SAU 43 will Newport share the funds with Croydon? If Newport keeps the money they should offer it to Croydon as a good faith measure since our contract is expiring in 2010 with Newport schools. I would hope that the Croydon board would reject the funds but we will have to see what happens at the next school board meeting if it is indeed offered. Than again sharing of the funds is about as likely as an 18 month old sharing his favorite toy.

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