Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Homeschoolers Are Taxpayers Best Friend!

I received the following piece from the Home School Legal Defense Association. I love this part in one of the statements below, "The opportunity to serve someone is a privilege, not an entitlement." This is also a great quote "Homeschoolers are some of the best friends the taxpayer has."

Every parent who homeschools in Croydon will save Croydon taxpayers between 10,292 - 12,301 per child during the 2009 - 2010 school year.

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Homeschoolers Get Blamed, Again

On January 22, a committee of the Rapid City School Board implied that homeschoolers were to blame for the school system losing thousands of dollars in funding. Just six days later, the Clear Lake Courier blamed homeschoolers for the loss of $41,000 in school funding.

When homeschoolers are wrongly accused of creating financial problems for public school systems, it’s time to respond. HSLDA attorney Scott A. Woodruff sent the following letter to the editor to the Clear Lake Courier:

Dear Editor:

By leaving the blame for the school system losing $41,981 at the door of area homeschoolers, your recent article, “Students and aid lost from open enrollment,” encourages your readership to think that homeschoolers are the problem.

But it’s perfectly logical to reduce a school’s funding when it serves fewer students. If there are fewer students, the school needs less money.

The question that then remains is: “Since the opportunity to serve someone is a privilege, not an entitlement, what does the school plan to change to reduce the erosion of confidence among area families?” That’s the $41,000 question that went unasked and therefore unanswered in your article.

Next time the Clear Lake Courier talks about schools “losing” money because of homeschoolers, please mention how much homeschoolers save the taxpayer by educating their children at their own expense—not the taxpayers’. Homeschoolers are some of the best friends the taxpayer has.

Scott A. Woodruff, Esq.

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