Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Lettuce Examine duh NEA And Teachers Unions And EdukShun In General

So true and funny too. Hat tip to American Daily for the following piece.


Lettuce Examine duh NEA And Teachers Unions And EdukShun In General
EdukShun piece by Malcolm Hedges
Da NEA (Numb-skull EdukShun Advocates) and other teachers unions are Progressive Socialist driven subverters of true education where ever they gain power.

We spend zillions of dollars for “education” and get many High School and College/University graduates that can’t read their diplomas?

Those graduates are well versed in “Nanny State” concepts, Marxism, Political Correctness and Socialism, but know little to nothing about history, mathematics, reading, speaking English, US government or writing.

Every day some Progressive Socialist says we need “more money to fix education” , the key word is “fix”, the fix is in and continued funding of Progressive Socialist training camps is all they can see in the future.

The Department Of Education and school administrators are on board and endorse the scheme as well.

The cry for “every kid must go to college” is total BS! It’s a scam to keep useless Progressive Socialist Colleges and Universities solvent.

About 75% of the high school populations are not functionally qualified for a 4-year College or University. Many, if not most, of those students would be better served by attending a Business School, Junior College, Medical Institute or Technical Institute.

It has been demonstrated over and over that the longer students attend US public schools the stupider they get. By the way, that is the Progressive agenda and it is working well.

Our country is starving for highly paid qualified mechanical, medical and technical personnel! College/University students are trained that having to work for a living is “below their station in life”!

Yes, the USA currently has no valid working educational system…. Teachers unions make sure that very few students manage to survive public schools with any common sense or practical knowledge.

Posted by Malcolm Hedges on 1/18/09 at 04:18 PM

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