Sunday, December 28, 2008

If you write they will come.

I noticed every time I miss posting I lose readers. Both of our cars broke down at the same time, I have been oh so tired as of late and my Mother came for a visit. I had high hopes that my Mother would not want to get out and about so much and that she would entertain Anastasia and Alexander so I could get some long put off tasks completed.

I have been reading interesting articles that I have wanted to comment on but just have not had the time. When I get the time I just may back date some posts because I found the articles so worthy of comment.

A while back I kind of hijacked our Citizens for Reasonable And Fair Taxes as a soap box of my own. I have been wondering if I should relinquish the BLOG back to its original purpose and start a separate BLOG of my own.

Regular posting and more pertinent posting to resume soon.


Thought of the Day "PSNH to send adjusted bills."

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