Monday, December 8, 2008

Homeschoolers wanting to be overseen by the State...Say It Isn't So

As many of you know we will probably homeschool our children when the time to begin formal education comes. Because of that I have been actively researching the issue for the past two years even though we will not have to formally begin educating our daughter until August/September 2010. Our 4 year old (5 in July) is currently reading at the 2nd grade level and is between the first and second grade level for most areas of study.

One of our legislators intends to propose legislation that would include goals and curriculum for homeschoolers. I found this absurd on so many levels. First and foremost proposed legislation could force me to dumb down the curricula for my child to meet some state law. If I wanted Anastasia's education to be dumbed down I would send her to a public school. Second what right do legislators have forcing a curricula on homeschoolers when they refuse to fund homeschoolers' education.

Okay I really wanted to rant more but I am tired my 17 month old kept me up for about 3 hours last night.

I recently became aware of a site called Alliance for Intellectual Freedom in Education, this is a must read site for all newcomers to homeschooling in New Hampshire. I wish I would have ran into the site two years ago.


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