Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Favorite Quote

I think the state of education in America would have been a better place if Bob Dole had been elected president. The following is a quote from Bob Dole when he ran for President.

"I say this not to the teachers, but to their unions: If education were a war, you would be losing it. If it were a business, you would be driving it into bankruptcy. If it were a patient, it would be dying. To the teachers unions I say: When I am president, I will disregard your political power for the sake of the children, the schools and the nation. I plan to enrich your vocabulary with those words you fear -- school choice, competition and opportunity scholarships -- so that you will join the rest of us in accountability, while others compete with you for the commendable privilege of giving our children a real education."

Teachers and their unions refuse accountability and deny students and parents the civil right to school choice. They care about two things more money and denying parents the right to direct their child's education. We see it right here in Croydon with some of the Newport School employees. Unions and educrats have highjacked the education system. They are rich, powerful and connected they have the funds to manipulate all legislation to their benefit.


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