Thursday, September 4, 2008

Who are the Presidential Candidates?

I asked my four year old "Who are the Presidential Candidates?" She responded, "Obama and McCain."

Everyone thinks their kids are smart...but mine really are very smart.

My children just turned one and four in July they bring me such pride and joy. Yes it is hard but watching them make their way around the world and watching them learn new things is just so much fun. Neither are school age but we believe any time is learning time. When the formal education process is to begin we will most likely homeschool unless school choice is an option when they reach the age required by law to begin schooling.

There are things my daughters knows which make me swear she is not four years old and than there are things that she says that reminds me that she is only four. Than there are some things that she says that are just so darned cute.

A lot of people responded "Sarah who?" when I mentioned Sarah Palin's name. I have been following her for months and was hoping John McCain would pick her. I wasn't excited about either candidate and would have preferred Sarah Palin to be at the top of the ticket. I voted for John Cox in the primary...but I digress. When Sarah Palin was announced as McCain's VP pick I was jumping around for joy and so excited. Anastasia said "What are you so excited about Mom? I told her that I was excited about Sarah Palin being announced as the vice presidential candidate. She said, "I thought Dick Cheney was the Vice-president. " I told her that we elect a new president and vice-president every four years. I explained that Sarah Palin may be the first girl vice-president. Anastasia started crying "But Mom I am suppose to be the first girl president."

Earlier this spring at the playground a little girl said to my daughter "I am in preschool." Anastasia responded back very proudly "I am in homeschool."

As I said we believe any time is learning time grocery stores are great for learning time. Anastasia has been able to read since she was three, she also knows her numbers, can add, understands fractions and can do simply math. People will comment how smart Anastasia is or asked where she learned something she proudly responds, "I learned that in homeschool."


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