Sunday, September 21, 2008

I admit it I am a news and information junkie

I admit it I am a news and information junkie, I have been that way since childhood. Growing up I hung out with a group of girls who carried around dictionaries and we named our dictionaries mine was "Herman." I know I am a nerd.

During graduate school I had a graduate assistanceship working at the main library's reference desk at the University I attended. I did not study library science but I did get the position over all the library science majors. I loved assisting people with seeking out information and answering difficult questions.

I like to read but prefer non-fiction over fiction.

I like to get up before the kids and read the newspaper. I surf various sites on the net for information. At times I enjoy listening to the radio. When we had our television hooked up to cable I was a TV NEWS junkie as well. I will listen to left, right and neutral news sources as to get both sides of the story. As Judy Paris (former WNTK talk show host) would say "Any story sounds true until someone tells the other side and sets the record straight." (Proverbs 18:17 TLB) Bring back Judy Paris, bring back Judy Paris, bring back Judy Paris.... but I digress.

Actually I could probably get a lot more BLOGGING done if I were not sure a big NEWS and information junkie. But I digress again..

Although the primary focus of CRAFT is local politics and government I think it is important to focus on the election because of the economy and the tax implications of certain candidates.

First Jim and I grew in Illinois Obama came from Illinois so we are aware of his politics if you are not you need to check out stories about him in the local paper the
Chicago Tribune specifically John Kass has some great articles. Do the research yourself and make up your own mind. Because the Chicago Tribune is one of Obama's hometown papers I think it is important to read that paper.

I ask only that you listen to two sides of the story before making up your mind. If you are a Huffington Post reader read the flip side and read Michelle Malkin.
Take note of how well sources are documented. On either side I do not suggest reading the comments as many are rants, feel free to but be sure to delve into the information with an open mind on both sides.

As I said before I am not happy with either candidate but I hope the candidate elected for president will do as little damage as possible to our country.

As Ronald Reagan would say "Trust but verify." You owe it to your family and the fellow people you share the earth with because your vote should be an educated voted as it will truly be an election that will change the direction of America's future.


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