Thursday, June 12, 2008

Croydon School Board Meeting - Reported on by Union Leader Reporter

Last night was a packed house at the Croydon School Board Meeting. If you have not picked up a copy of the Union Leader you should, unfortunately the story is not online.

The reason the meeting was packed was because for years Croydon residents have been paying for students who live outside of the district to attend our schools. Our district received one year of tuition from Kearsarge Regional Schools for two children. However Grantham is contesting our school districts request to pay close to 40,000 dollars for three students. This tuition comes to 54,000 dollars for one year. With the size of Croydon's school budget this makes a difference in a Croydon's resident taxes. I know this is money that we could use in our home. I am sure with the rising gas prices many other Croydon residents could use that money too.

Our public school is a government school, like many other forms of government our tax dollars will be wasted unless we keep an eye on how our tax dollars are spent.


Quote of the Day - "If people behaved like governments, you'd call the cops." ~Kelvin Throop

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