Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rapid Referendum Response - Part 1

Part One of a Six Part Series.

Jim and I have been fighting for education reform and education spending reform for almost 6 years now. We fully believe that schools have a spending problem and not a funding problem. Our techniques for fighting referenda can be found on our old website Citizens for Reasonable And Fair Taxes. Jim's Boston Tea Party describes tax fighting methods we've employed in the past. Such methods are also effective against excessive tax warrants.

The Minnesota Association of School Administrators felt our techniques were so successful they developed the Rapid Referendum Response. What to do when your district is blindsided by anti-referendum attacks.

MASA's Rapid Referendum Response booklet cover includes "How school districts can deal with organized referendum opposition while keeping their eyes on the prize: a high-quality of educational environment for all students." Referenda are about money and money only (hence the "prize") By now I hope you all know that there is no link between education spending and performance.

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