Friday, May 9, 2008

The Manchester Spoiled Brat Gang

An edited version of the following appeared in the Union Leader.

The Manchester Spoiled Brat Gang

Meet the Spoiled Brat Gang. They are the “adults” that “teach” your children but never grew up. They have spent their lives in schools from kindergarten, to grade school, to high school to college and back into the classroom. They have little understanding of the reality beyond the school building. They have gone from their parents taking care of them to their union presidents and the taxpayers (Mom and Dad) taking care of them. They can’t grasp the concept of a 250 day work year because they have never worked beyond a 180 day work year. They can’t grasp the concept of a nine hour work day and moan at their seven and half hour day teaching only 3 – 5 classes a day.

Like a teenager living at home “the spoiled brat gang” really has no understanding of money, savings and the economy. They look at their taxpayer paycheck as an entitlement owed to them by Mommy and Daddy no matter how bad they behave. They never have to save money because the taxpayer will fund their retirement at a rate as much as 10 times the taxpayer’s social security. Like many gang members they have no qualms when it comes to stealing and wasting other peoples money. Like spoiled brats they whine, cheat and use other kids in their school to get their way. Lastly the Spoiled Brat Gang expects Mom and Dad to take care of all their health care needs even if it means Mom and Dad may lose their home.


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