Monday, February 25, 2008

Tax Eaters on the Move

The comrades at Granite State Forced Tax Coalition want us to believe that the public supports an income or sales tax, and that they don't want officials to sign the pledge.

Do they think we're stupid?

Politicians want to get elected, so they sign the pledge. Lo and behold, they get elected. If politicians didn't think people wanted them to sign the pledge, they certainly wouldn't do so.

These posts also show that we're not dumb enough to fall for the line about reduced property taxes. You don't need to look far in New England to see states that fell for this line and are now paying the price.

Granite State "Fair" Tax Coalition - take your socialist dogma and lies and find another state!

In the article below it would be great to point out who is actually behind the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition. Would an expose find that those behind the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition are actually organizations that would benefit from more taxes like education organizations, state employees and contractors doing business with the state, just to name a few.

The following article appeared in the Union Leader.

That pesky Pledge: It is getting in the taxers' way

A SMALL group that wants a big state tax for New Hampshire is back again with an article on various New Hampshire town-meeting warrants. It asks voters to urge officials to reject the Pledge against broadbased taxes.

This is so bad and so phoney in so many regards, it is hard to know where to begin. It ought to be rejected by voters everywhere.

It is being peddled by the last Democrat to lose the governor's race. He lost precisely because he rejected the Pledge and promoted an income tax. And yet Mark Fernald and his pals in the Granite State Fair Tax Coalition swear, with apparently straight faces, that they aren't advocating such a tax.

They also distort the Pledge, which is not surprising. There is only one real Pledge, that taken by candidates for governor. It says, simply, that the candidate pledges he or she will veto any broadbased sales or income tax that ever gets passed by the Legislature.

It would no doubt be good to know if your local or state representative supports that Pledge and subscribes to the philosophy behind it.

That philosophy was summed up well by the late Meldrim Thomson Jr., who popularized the Pledge to veto such taxes. Thomson said that low taxes were the result of low government spending, period. If government spends too much, taxes go up, and no amount of shifting them around from one form of tax to another will prevent this.

This "fair tax" bunch says the Pledge prevents legislators from finding solutions.

"What we're trying to do is free up the Legislature and the governor so that they can work on this issue without having their hands tied by a feeling that people don't want them to do anything," said Paul Henle, the coalition's executive director.

Sure, the governor and Legislature have "a feeling" that people don't want them to do anything about taxes and spending because the people oppose broadbased taxes. That's it!

"We call on our state representatives, our state senators and our governor to reject the Pledge, have an open discussion covering all options and adopt a revenue system that lowers property taxes," reads the petition.

And that "system" would be where? In states with sales or income taxes? Hardly. Florida is just the latest state where, despite a big sales tax, people voted this month to cap skyrocketing property taxes.

Ah, but the group here wants to be "considering everything," which could be a sales tax, an income tax, a carbon tax or any solution that lowers the property tax burden.

"There might be ways nobody's thought of yet because they're too busy taking the Pledge," Henle said.

This bunch has no doubt thought of plenty of ways to spend the taxpayers' money. If they could only get rid of that pesky Pledge!

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