Monday, November 12, 2007

Fight taxes - Rep. David R. Boutin, Hooksett

The following letter to the editor appeared in the Concord Monitor.

Fight taxes - Rep. David R. Boutin, Hooksett

Tuesday's municipal elections crystallized what will be the central campaign issue in the 2008 elections: taxes. Voters wisely elected two tax-fighters: Manchester Mayor Guinta and Mayor-elect Donnalee Lozeau in Nashua. Taxpayers in Dover overwhelmingly voted for a charter amendment that establishes a tax cap.

In 2006 voters elected Democrats to govern the state. The Democrats proved that they cannot govern with fiscal restraint. First, the Democrat-controlled Legislature passed, without Republican support, a 17.5 percent budget increase. Second, without Republican support, they passed $169 million in new or increased taxes and fees. And third, the Democrat-controlled Executive Council and Gov. Lynch passed increased highway tolls.

The Democrat-controlled Legislature has spent the past few months determining which broad-based tax they believe they can saddle on New Hampshire taxpayers. I'll give three guesses and the first two do not count. If you guessed income tax, you would be right.

Taxpayers must be vigilant in watching what new or increased taxes or fees the Democrat-controlled Legislature will pass in 2008. Tell your state representative and state senator that enough is enough. Tell them no new or increased taxes or fees in 2008.



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