Tuesday, June 19, 2007

To Republican lawmakers, I say, the choice is yours.

The biggest crock of poop I heard today.
"To Republican lawmakers, I say, the choice is yours." - Ray Buckley chairman of the state Democratic Party.

The above quote appeared in today's Union Leader. To read the whole piece, which would best be used as a birdcage liner pick up the June 19th edition of the Union Leader.

To Mr. Buckley I give the following response to your quote.

There is no choice here. Mr. Buckley you and bullies have given no one a choice. The Claremont and Londonderry attorneys did not give anyone a choice when they rammed these lawsuits down the peoples throats. The courts in turn rendered an unconstitutional decision and did not give the legislators a choice. Spineless legislators are yielding to the judges when they do not have to. Democrats are just pandering to the Londonderry and Claremont attorneys, educrats and the teacher's unions. There is no choice here, I do not have a choice as to where I may educate my child unless I pay twice (property taxes and private tuition elsewhere). No Mr. Buckley you have made it clear that you do not want parents to have a choice. Your majority is killing what little choice parents had in killing charter schools by sneaking in House Bill 2 to the State Budget.

If you really want parents to have choice give us a choice. Ignore the judges decision they have no right to do what they did anyway. For once and for all Mr. Buckley you and your party should stop pandering to the unions and do what is right for New Hampshire's Children. Give us a choice where we can educate our children in the institution of our choice and finally stop the educational spending spree that results in mediocre results and deficit spending.

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