Monday, June 11, 2007

Home School Event vs. Public School Event

The World Net Daily has a rather lengthy article on the homeschoolers National Christian Forensics and Communications Association debate league. Shortly after that article I read an article in the Eagle Times about an event in the public schools. The articles drove home again the difference in quality, performance and expectations of children in private schools/ homeschools and public schools. Every parent should have a right to where they send their child to school those who can not afford private education should not be left with only one option. A person on food stamps does not have to shop at one store and a person on Medicare and or Medicaid is not forced to go to one hospital. Why in the 21st Century does a woman have a right to choose whether or not to have an abortion but if she carries that child to term she does not have a right where to have her child educated?

The following piece regarding homeschoolers appeared in the World Net Daily.

"This year's national tournament will begin Monday with expository and extemporaneous speeches. In the former, students are asked to give a 10-minute, prepared speech using a visual aid of some sort. In the latter, students are asked a question about a current event of the past 90 days, such as "Is Mogadishu sliding back into anarchy?" or "Is the optimism of Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz justified considering the growing pains of the company that were evident at its March 21 shareholder meeting?" They are then given 30 minutes to prepare and rehearse a 7-minute speech."

To read the whole article visit the World Net Daily website.

The following piece regarding the events in a public school classroom appeared in the Eagle Times.

Students check out careers in class

Elizabeth Martin
Staff Writer

CLAREMONT - In the middle of the fifth-grade career day at Maple Avenue School, students got a treat: a phone conversation from Alan Williams, the defensive backs coach for the 2007 Super Bowl champion Indianapolis Colts.

To read the whole article visit the Eagle Times website or pick up the paper.

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