Friday, March 9, 2007

Newport School Warrant Articles

I was listening to WNTK 99.7 and heard a radio ad for the Newport School Tax Warrant. Some of the questions that came to mind were who was paying for the ad and do any of the people who are on the committee for the tax warrant benefit from the tax warrant increase if it passes? If the warrant truly has merit why must they advertise for the warrant? It would seem if the warrants were necessary persuasion of the passage of the warrant would not be necessary.

The ad stated that the State would be paying for 60% of the costs of the school renovations. Where do the members of the committee think the money from the state comes from? The state does not grow money on trees, it is coming out of someone's pocket.

Residents should strongly consider the impact of a possible property tax increase to their wallets with the possibility of an income tax increasing looming in the near future.

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